The inspectorate shall:

- Analyse the efficiency of the administration’s activity.
- Carry out planned checks according to an annual plan approved by the chairman, as well as other checks, assigned by the latter.
- See to the observance of the internal rules of the organisation of work at the administration.
- See to the accurate and lawful fulfilment of the orders of the chairman of the agency.
- Implement checks with regards to revealing, prevention and removal of breaches related to the activity of the agency.
- Consider and carry out checks upon received applications, appeals, signals, proposals etc., including against illegal or incorrect actions or inactions of officials from the administration, prepare answers and propose respective measures.
- Consider submitted signals for conflict of interests and carry out checks whether there are corruption acts in the administration.
- Control the observance of instructions, recommendations and directions, given by the competent authorities at carrying out checks and inspections.
- May propose initiation of disciplinary proceedings in case breaches of the official duties or of the Code for the Conduct of the Employees in the State Administration have been found.
- Implement checks in storage bases and other sites of the agency, including external preservers, related to the way of preservation and protection of the state and war-time reserves as well as the long-term material assets – ownership of the agency.
- Implement the control over the fulfilment of the obligations of the producers and the importers of oil products and the preservers of oil and oil products for creating, preservation, use and restoration of the obligatory reserves under the Law of the Obligatory Reserves Of Oil And Oil Products.
- Propose to the chairman the sanctioning of officials for admitted omissions or breaches.
- Propose to the chairman to approach the competent authorities in case data for committed crimes is available.
- Participate in the development of the internal acts regulating the organization of the activity of the agency.
- Carry out other functions with regards to administrative con troll, ensuing from a legal act or assigned by the chairman.