Directorate "Public Procurement Orders and Information Ensuring"

Directorate "Public procurement orders and information ensuring" shall:

- In connection with the planning and the analysis of the activity:
a) implement marketing studies for the purposes of the management of the state reserves and war time stores;
b) gather, summarize and analyze the market prices of the materials from the nomenclature of the state reserves and war-time reserves and the influence of the prices over the realization at their release;
- In connection with the creating, renewal and sale of state reserves and war time stores and other functions of the agency:
a) organize and fulfil all activities for assigning of public procurement orders;
b) organize and conduct the overall fulfilment of the tender procedures for sale of released state reserves and war time stores;
c) organize the commodity exchange trade in connection with the activity of the agency;
d) register the documents for import and export of goods and materials;
e) summarize every month the information about the unfulfilled contracts and the undertaken actions;
- In connection with the information ensuring:
a) implement analysis, designing, establishing and exploitation of automated information system for management of the state reserves and war time stores in peace time under crises, martial law or war;
b) set up and maintain the information databases for the condition and the state and war-time reserves available at the agency;
c) organise and maintain the communication structure of the agency
d) assist for the technical ensuring of the safety of the information exchange and the protection of the data;
e) carry out data exchange with national and departmental information systems and integrate the departmental communication infrastructure in a unified infrastructure;
f ) introduce and maintain the mathematical and the situation modelling for preparation of multi-variant solutions for accumulation and refreshment of the stores;
g) set up and develop the components of the electronic government – electronic services for the citizens and the business, the electronic turnover of documents in the administration and the electronic databases.