The Chairman

Nikolay Vasilev


The chairman of the agency shall organise and manage the activity, and represent the agency as a primary budget spending unit.

The Chairman shall:

- Participate in the conducting of the state policy in the field of planning, creating, preservation, protection, updating, maintaining, releasing, using, accounting, financing and controlling of the state reserves and the war-time reserves of the country in compliance with the interests of national security;
- Exercise control over the overall activity of the agency;
- Participate in the planning, organise and manage the creating, the preservation, the accounting, the renewal, maintenance, the release, the preservation and the use of the state reserves and the war-time reserves according to nomenclature lists, approved with a decision by the Council of Ministers;
- Organize and manage the implementing of investigations of the needs for state reserves in the country and proposes the nomenclature lists and the norms for them for approval to the Council of Ministers;
- Take decisions for conducting of procedures for assigning of public procedure orders and tenders in compliance with the acting legislation, as well as conclude contracts with individuals and corporate bodies;
- Release state reserves and war-time reserves according to his competence;
- Issue rulings for use of the compulsory reserves of oil and oil products;
- Approve methodology for determining of the quantity ratio between the separate components of the compulsory reserves of oil and oil products;
- Register storehouses for preservation of compulsory reserves of oil and oil products;
- Determine the level of the compulsory reserves for each of the obligated persons;
- Organise and implement control of the overall activity for creating, use, preservation and restoration of the compulsory stocks of oil and oil products with objective ensuring the supply with liquid fuels in the cases of difficulties for their supply in the country, as well as on the activity of the obligated persons and the preservers according to the Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Stocks Act;
- Approve plans for intervening in case of difficulties in the supply with oil and oil products;
- Organise the preservation of the technical documentation from Bulgarian developments and license technical documentation without having author’s copyright for production and repair of military and special production, which is connected with the fulfilment of tasks for the defence of the country (war-time tasks);
- Approve general technical requirements and requirements for safety and exploitation, which shall be met by the storehouses for preservation of the compulsory stocks;
- Organise the activities for international co-operation. European and Euro-Atlantic integration;
- Approve the structures of the separate units and the list of positions in the agency;
- Appoint the civil servants, changs and terminate the official legal relations with them; conclude, change and terminate the legal relations of employment with the persons, working in the agency;
- Commission the employees in the agency;
- Issue internal acts and rules for work at the agency;
- Manage and be responsible for the work of the inspectorate;
- Organise and controls the activity for the defence – mobilisation preparation and the preparing of plans for bringing the activity from war to peace to war-time activity of the agency;
- Manage, organises and controls the activity for protection of the classified information;
- Issue individual administrative acts within the framework of his competence;
- Issue punitive decrees upon established breaches in the cases, defined with a law;
- Annually provide information under Art. 8, para 2 of the Law on the Obligations to the International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage, and controls the fulfilment of the obligations under the said Law;
- Establish councils as consultative units for solving problems of its competence, as well as working groups for proposing and fulfilment of specific tasks;
- Participate in carrying out investigations to the needs of wartime stocks in the country and together with the Minister of Defence propose for approval to the Council of Ministers the nomenclature lists and standard nomenclature for them, and the estimate of the financial implications;
- Develop and submits to the Council of Ministers proposals for assign of wartime tasks for the production of basic military production for the armed forces and the main civil production;
- Present annually at the Council of Ministers a report as per Art. 49 of the Law for the Administration regarding the activity of the agency;
- Perform other functions, regulated with a law or a normative act or assigned with by the Council of Ministers.
- At implementing of his functions the chairman shall be supported by a deputy chairman, who shall be appointed by the Prime Minister. The chairman shall delegate with an order authorities to the deputy chairman. The functions of the chairman in his/her absence shall be performed by the deputy chairman to an extent, determined by an order regarding each individual case.