Chief Secretary

Rumen Mladenov

The Chief secretary shall:

- manage, co-ordinate and control the functioning of the general and the specialised administration for the precise observing of the normative acts;
- organise and be responsible for the management of the immovable properties and the chattels, used for administrative needs, conceded to the agency;
- prepare proposals for the structure of the staff, the scheme of the positions and the job descriptions;
- propose the structuring and the restructuring of the units;
- summon upon his discretion the managerial employees from the respective units for discussing of different issues and be responsible for their fulfilment;
- organise and control the admission system of the central management;
- prepare annual report for the status of the administration, which after approval by the chairman shall be presented to the Council of Ministers;
- control the registration office and the turnover of documents;
- be responsible for the working conditions of the administration and its organisational – technical servicing;
- organise and control the use of the motor vehicles – ownership of the agency;