About the Agency

The State Agency “State Reserve and War-time Stocks"

Pursues the state policy in the field of the accumulation, maintenance and use of the country’s state reserves and war-time stocks in accordance with the national security’s interests;
Organizes and controls the accumulation, maintenance, refreshing and accounting of the state reserves and war-time stocks;
Proposes to the Council of Ministers for approval the state reserves’ nomenclature and norms;
Reports its activities to the Council of Ministers and to the Interdepartmental Council in the matter of the military-industrial complex and mobilization training of the country;
Takes part in the international cooperation, European and Euro Atlantic integration activities;
The main stocks pilled into the system of state reserves are: fuels; chemicals; foodstuffs; ferrous and non-ferrous metals; spare parts;timbers and paper; medical goods, hospital goods, appliances and tools.

30.06.2017 According to art.7 (4) (b) of Council Directive 2009/119/EC and art. 7 (1) (13) of the Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Stocks Act of the Bulgarian legislation, the State Reserves and War-Time Stocks State Agency, as a central stockholding entity of the Republic of Bulgaria, hereby announces that at the moment it has no storing facilities available for maintaining petroleum products stocks of interested central stockholding entities of other EU Member States.