Council of Ministers

SA "State reserve and War-Time Stocks"
  State Agency “State Reserve and War-time Stocks

State Agency “State Reserve and War-time Stocks"

  • Pursues the state policy in the field of the accumulation, maintenance and use of the country’s state reserves and war-time stocks in accordance with the national security’s interests;
  • Organizes and controls the accumulation, maintenance, refreshing and accounting  of the state reserves and war-time stocks;
  • Proposes to the Council of Ministers for approval the state reserves’ nomenclature and norms;
  • Reports its activities to the Council of Ministers and to the Interdepartmental Council in the matter of the military-industrial complex and mobilization training of the country;
  • Takes part in the international cooperation, European and Euro Atlantic integration activities;
  • The main stocks pilled into the system of state reserves are:  fuels; chemicals; foodstuffs; ferrous and non-ferrous metals; spare parts;timbers and paper; medical goods, hospital goods, appliances and tools.

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